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D2 Technology

The D2 Technology is a company that, despite being young, specialized from the beginning in the stone industry. After several stages of evolution in the market, it has expanded by opening branches in Brazil, Germany and USA, with distributors in other countries.

D2 Technology was born at the beginning of the millennium. What opportunities and challenges did you encounter at the time?
D2 Technology was born in 2003 to represent Italian branded equipments and in 2007 began to turn the page when starting to construct its own machines. This new phase of the company forced huge internal changes, as well as a great investment at the moment the National economy was going through one of its most difficult periods.
However, despite enormous sacrifices, this new stage allowed us to see new horizons and we were able to enter different markets and take advantage of new opportunities.
Today we are already a reference company in the development of CNC Equipment.

And today? Is additive manufacturing an opportunity?
The Additive Manufacturing will be a process of high scale development in different areas and fulfills the objective of being more efficient and ecological in the construction of any type of component.
D2 Technology believes that the future will be that of additive manufacturing, so we are getting more involved in this project in order to be able to present a revolutionary idea and show once again that everything is possible.

Your work has already earned you international awards. You can share some of the experience in developing raw materials processing equipment. What projects were developed in this area and how did you adapt?
The challenge of putting a young company like D2 Technology to the level of other companies that have been in the market for decades is always difficult. However, the D2 has a DNA that proved to be different from most of them, when trying to recover the sense of presenting a robust machine, but with an unparalleled design.
Our experience has been to develop machines that are closely linked to the stone sector and, in this context, are now part of our portfolio machines with up to 10 CNC shafts, for machining that can start in a block and end up in a beautiful statue or a natural stone bathtub.

What advantages do you find in the collaborative work between D2 Technology and Fibrenamics?
The advantage that we hope to achieve between the two parties will be to achieve the objectives we set ourselves in designing this ambitious project.
We count on the experience, the equipment and the means that Fibrenamics presents to acquire the research and development part that the project requires.
The success of this one may raise the image of Portuguese companies where once again our innovative capacity can be demonstrated.

Date: January/2019
Interviewed: Paulo Machado, CEO - D2 Technology


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