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Latino Group is a partner of Fibrenamics in the Auxdefense project. The company was established in early 1986 with the aim of applying the knowledge that was acquired in other projects and in the largest companies of the time. We interviewed Dr. Clementina Freitas who created the Latino Group project and continues to lead the project.

Tell us a little about the history of Latino Group and what were the objectives of creating the company at the time?
In a short time, in Latino, we specialize in working with the military, a very bold but at the same time exciting challenge because the project was long with hundreds of thousands of pieces a year, with developments of products of our responsibility and that “forced us” to work day and night, loading 2 airplanes a week to meet our client’s needs at times of major crisis intervention.
This period marked the destiny in Latino Group, because in the short term we created a brand of Work clothing, Prowork, that drank much of the knowledge acquired in the military area.
Also in this area of professional technical clothing the challenges are daily. The detail and complexity of working a product, which can have 7 European standards at the same time, requires a high knowledge and mastery of both the raw materials, details in product development, molding and confection.
Team Latino is highly competent, which allows us to guarantee success in the biggest challenges.
The Protactical brand, in military apparel, K9 for canine protection equipment and more recently Bravian for Urban TechWear, are part of the Group’s other projects.

How did you get to the level you are today and specialize in personal protective equipment?
With a very dedicated and challenging team, with hard work and desire to improve every day.
As I mentioned in the previous point, the work in the military area motivated and contributed knowledge to the area of Work clothing, which in turn, in its Personal Protective Equipment, technical and complex works, also contributes much to the developments in the military area.
In fact, the own brand Bravian – Urban technical clothing, had as its source and inspiration our knowledge in the development and production of personal protective equipment. In this case, adapting to Urban fashion the know-how acquired over all these years, both materials and processes.

Share a little of the experience in developing defense equipment. What projects have been developed in this area and how have they been adapted?
We have developed several equipment for intervention police, both national and international, products with sensors that allow monitoring the physical state of the individual and also their location, interacting with the control centers.
The area of ballistics has also been developed in particular with the AuxDefense project, where innovative materials were used.
At LatinoGroup adaptation is easy, because our mind-set is always prepared for all the challenges that can bring us valuable knowledge.
The partnerships we have both with universities and with technological partners and with the same value with a series of long-time suppliers, who contribute and privilege us with materials of great technicality for use in the developments of products that we provide to the market.

What are the advantages in the collaborative work between Latino Group and Fibrenamics?
Fibernamics is already an international reference in the area of technical materials.
The partnership we have with Fibernamics has been very positive. The cooperation of a few years ago has also helped the Latin Group and evolve and facilitate access to materials and technical processes innovations.

Date: November/2018
Interviewed: Clementina Freitas, CEO - Latino Group


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