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Serge Ferrari

Serge Ferrari

The French group Serge Ferrari is the Fibrenamics partner that we want you to know better this month. Founded in the early years of the 70s, they are leaders in the global market when it comes to flexible composite materials for various areas, including architecture, but also the the industry, the furniture, yachting, health, the environment and protective equipment.

The group itself has set as its mission to respond to the major challenges of tomorrow: sustainable construction, energy control, protection and renewable resources, and design for everyone.

Serge Ferrari offers a wide range of flexible composite materials, for any type of application and requirements. Under the innovative materials for architecture, the company specializes in bioclimatic facades, solar protection, light architecture, acoustic solutions and imper-breathable membranes. But there are more areas, the range is wide, and the choice is yours. Wherever you are, you can use the products and services of Serge Ferrari, as the company develops its activity on a global scale, from its manufacturing base in Europe by the commercial operating centers mirrored the five continents. The company has the capacity to support international projects, adapting their products and services to local needs, and this is due to the fact that the group master all the activities of the production chain in two plants located in Europe (France, Switzerland, Italy). This vertical integration allows the group to master the processes of formulation of raw materials, engineering methods and equipment, spinning, coating and extrusion, logistics and recycling of products at the end of life.

Being a member of Fibrenamics network: a clear asset
Silvia Fitor, from Serge Ferrari, chatted with us and explained the importance of lightweight construction with architectural membranes very simply, “are the best way to do more with less in na age where less is more,” she said. “The textile structures can be found in almost all climatic zones of the world, and are applied in a wide variety of features,” he said, continuing saying that “if the design is correct, provide protection against atmospheric agents: sun, rain, snow and wind. ” The expert also added that “the surfaces create interesting spaces and environments, through light and shadow counterpoints.”

In this context, the Serge Ferrari Group has trodden a path of development “based on an industrial strategy focused on innovation, productivity and quality,” and a “commercial division based on a sales network and dual character specifications”, in the words of Silvia Fitor .

Serge Ferrari is a member of Fibrenamics network, that the company itself considers “clearly” an asset to its business, and Silvia Fitor made sure to list the important contributions that Fibrenamics gives the group: sharing knowledge through the organization and collection of information; disclose all the basic knowledge about the technology of tensile structures for a wide audience of potential users; It provides expertise, detailed data in engineering, and project examples and best practice guidelines; identifies gaps in current knowledge, and acts as a catalyst for the formation of appropriate research groups.

Date: May/2016
Interviewed: Silvia Fitor, Prescripción Spain - Serge Ferrari



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