Fibrenamics has a mission to generate, enhance and transfer knowledge in the field of fibrous materials and composites to the business sector



Fibrenamics, the international platform of the University of Minho for the development of products based on fibers and composites, operates in several sectors with emphasis on architecture, construction, sport, medicine, protection and transport.

Based on a multidisciplinary team, Fibrenamics believes in technical and scientific innovation as the main driver of business growth.

Fibrenamics is the result of this same innovation. With a disruptive idea and a lot of determination, a platform for the transfer of knowledge generated at the University of Minho was born in Portugal in 2011.

A disruptive beginning that is preserved until today and is currently recognized by the European Commission as an example of transferring scientific and technological knowledge in the field of advanced materials and nanotechnology to the various innovation stakeholders.
With the same determination and a confidence renewed daily by more than 300 international partner entities, it continues to challenge the limits in search of new solutions for the society challenges.


Design and implement integrated and customized solutions for research and technological development in natural fibers and composites, contributing to the differentiation and competitiveness of the business core.

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