Auxetic Materials


Auxetic Materials

Its most prominent features such as superior energy absorption capacity, fracture resistance and cut resistance, make auxetic materials one of the most attractive and emerging materials on the market.

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In this eBook [only available in portuguese] discover the potential, versatility and variety of applications of this highly resistant material.

Auxetic materials are different from conventional materials because they have negative Poisson's ratio as the main characteristic. Consequently, they have an unusual behavior: when tensioned longitudinally, they increase their cross section. This behavior makes them interesting in several application areas where the absorption of impact energy and resistance to cutting, drilling and abrasion are important factors, including protective clothing in various fields, military material, ballistic materials, acoustic insulation, protection systems against explosives, among others.

Download the free eBook [only available in portuguese] and find out in detail the properties and characteristics of these materials, their applicability and what is expected for their evolution.


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