How can materials influence innovation? The future is made of sustainable (eco) solutions, with good performance (nano) and adaptable (smart).

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The isolated use and the combination of the concepts Eco, Nano and Smart can give rise to materials that will be useful in the most diverse areas, whether in personal defense, infrastructure, mobility or health.

When we talk about Eco we naturally talk about biopolymers, with several successful investigations in this field that are now being transferred to products. We talk about natural fibers but also about nanocellulose that is revolutionizing this area of high performance materials Eco, as an inexhaustible resource and with exemplary characteristics in terms of mechanics and moisture absorption.

In the Nano materials, carbon nanotubes, graphene and nanofibers will be highlighted, and there are many characteristics that we can incorporate into the materials to give them the Smart valence: self-repairing, thermoregulators, chronotropics, piezoelectrics, optoelectronics, phase change and memory shape.

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