Materials with Functional Gradient Properties


Materials with Functional Gradient Properties

The reproducibility, quality and reliability of materials with functional gradient of properties, as well as the reduced environmental impact and recyclability, make this type of material a highly reliable ally in sectors such as aerospace, automotive or marine.

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In this eBook [only available in portuguese] learn about the high resilience of these materials, both in terms of temperature and wear and the economic impact they may have on several industrial areas.

Inspired by the gradual transition that occurs naturally, such as in the trunk of trees, bones or teeth, functional gradient materials are ideal for application in harsh environments due to the possibility of combining thermal and mechanical properties of different materials.

The additive manufacturing technique is the most prominent for materials with functional gradient of properties' production, ensuring speed of production, accompanied by design and material flexibility.

Download this free eBook [only available in portuguese] and find out in detail the properties and characteristics of these materials, their applicability and economic impact.


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