Fibrenamics at Alfacoop

13 Apr 2015 News

Fibrenamics at Alfacoop

Fibrenamics at Alfacoop

Fibrenamics at Alfacoop

Last Friday, Fibrenamics was at the Alfacoop Teaching Cooperative to show the extraordinary chemistry world of fibers to the 12th grade Chemistry class at that school.

School presentations are an activity that Fibrenamics has been carrying out for three years and aims to disseminate knowledge. In these, the potential and applications of fibers in the areas of medicine, architecture, construction, transport, textiles and personal protection are explored, whether they are already on the market or in the fundamental research phase.

In Ruílhe, the class of 24 students proved to be very curious and interventional, and took the opportunity to enrich knowledge and have contact with various materials, such as carbon fibers, glass fibers, coconut fibers, BCR (composite material developed by Fibrenamics ), among others.

Two of the students present, Inês Martins and Adriana Ferreira, said that they liked it “very”, that it was “very informative”. The students realized the different areas of application of these materials, having been particularly interested in applications in the field of Medicine, which both intend to study as of next year, at the University of Minho.

For the responsible teacher, Madalena Mourão, these initiatives “are always an asset”, both for students and for herself, since “there is always something innovative” that is still unknown to her. The teacher explained that the presence of Fibrenamics came to answer the need to address the theme of new materials, which is included in the discipline program for the 12th year, but that, due to the fact that it is “very extensive, and the workload is too small ”, there is no time to teach. Madalena Mourão says that students, as a rule, like these sessions, and that of Fibrenamics was no exception: “I already asked some students and they loved it”.

Fibrenamics is available to schedule these sessions. Contact us via email if you want to know more.


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