Fibrenamics Azores discussed innovation opportunities in the region

29 Feb 2016 News

Fibrenamics Azores discussed innovation opportunities in the region

Fibrenamics Azores discussed innovation opportunities in the region

Fibrenamics Azores discussed innovation opportunities in the region

The presentation session of Fibrenamics Azores took place last February 25 at the facilities of NONAGON - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel. The event was dedicated to “Opportunities for Innovation in Materials and Products” and was attended by governmental, business and Scientific and Technological System entities, bringing together an assembly of more than 80 people.

Nelson Simões, Regional Director of Science and Technology of the Azores, was the first speaker of the afternoon. In a nutshell, the (also) NONAGON administrator, welcomed the Science and Technology Park's ability to attract new companies and entities to its ecosystem, as is the case with Fibrenamics, underlining the important role that the platform will play. to play in “developing the knowledge and innovation economy” in the region. For his part, Raul Fangueiro, Fibrenamics coordinator, started by demonstrating the importance that the implementation of the platform in the island region represents: “for us it is an enormous pleasure and a reason of great pride to be able to start our activity in the Azores”. The professor at the University of Minho (UMinho) thanked the partners - NONAGON and the Regional Government of the Azores - and recalled the importance of interaction between the various agents of society in promoting and boosting the knowledge and innovation economy, explaining that this is what Fibrenamics intends to be the “congregating element” of universities, government entities, companies, science and technology parks and society in general.

The program continued with the presentation “Fibrenamics Azores: Innovation in Materials and Products”, during which Raul Fangueiro presented UMinho's International Fibrenamics Platform and the objectives of the project to be developed in the island region. This was followed by Arnaldo Machado, from the Society for the Business Development of the Azores (SDEA) who spoke about “The importance of Innovation for Business Competitiveness in the Azores”, and later Nelson Simões returned to the stage to present the “Incentive Systems for the Innovation and Technological Development of Companies ”. Filipe Soutinho, from IDT Consulting, presented answers to the question “Innovate How?” and the presentations ended with Fernando Cunha, from Sciencentris, talking about the “Development of Innovative Products”. The afternoon ended with a networking cocktail, where the participants were satisfied with the session. Gabriela Meireles, from the University of the Azores, is of the opinion that “the event really went very well”, stressing that “innovation is necessary in any part of the world and the Azores are no exception”. José Nascimento, from FACIL INOVA, was already familiar with the Fibrenamics platform, and stresses that “those who fail to innovate in a practical and effective way will be left behind”, and that, for this reason, the Azores region must “assume its share part of innovation if you want to have a better future ”. Regarding the presence of Fibrenamics in the archipelago, the Azorean businessman has no doubts that "he came to give a breath of fresh air and help the Azoreans to innovate". “What you are developing is extremely important, and with very high efficiency!”, He concludes.

Next action is already March 8

In September last year, Fibrenamics launched a new communication tool: a monthly newsletter, subject to a theme. The March edition will bring something new: the “Fibrenamics Azores” section, where you can read an extended report on this presentation session. The launch of this newsletter is scheduled for March 7, precisely on the eve of the next Fibrenamics Azores event: the training action “Innovate in business management”.

Taught by Filipe Soutinho, CEO of IDT Consulting who was also present at the presentation session, this training is aimed to all who want to develop skills in this field, and developments are already taking place!


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