“Opportunities for Innovation in Materials and Products” is the first event of Fibrenamics Azores

22 Feb 2016 News

“Opportunities for Innovation in Materials and Products” is the first event of Fibrenamics Azores

“Opportunities for Innovation in Materials and Products” is the first event of Fibrenamics Azores

Next Thursday, February 25, the Fibrenamics International Platform at the University of Minho will organize the Fibrenamics Azores Presentation Session - Opportunities for Innovation in Materials and Products that will take place at NONAGON - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, in Lagoon. With the support of the Government of the Azores, the Society for the Business Development of the Azores (SDEA) and NONAGON - Science and Technology Park of São Miguel, participation is free but requires registration.

Aimed at the business community, young entrepreneurs, the academic community of the University of the Azores, local authorities and society in general, the event will focus on the theme of innovation, with a special focus on the development of new materials and products.

Throughout this event, Fibrenamics Azores will be publicly presented and its strategy for action, the financing frameworks associated with this innovation theme will be made known, the processes for implementing and managing innovation in the business environment will be discussed and, for Finally, examples of innovations in product development will be presented. In the words of Raul Fangueiro, coordinator of the Fibrenamics platform, this initiative is intended “above all to show why we are in the Azores, what our skills are, and what we can offer companies in terms of the partnership that we can create with them". “We hope that after this presentation session, where we will also show the connection we already have with the Azorean Government, SDEA and other institutions, demonstrate to companies that it is possible to have this connection between knowledge and the market through companies, and that there are financial instruments that also make it possible to leverage this relationship and this realization of ideas in innovative products and innovative technologies that allow these companies to win in these very complicated and very competitive markets ”, he further assures.

Fibrenamics recently expanded its area of ​​operation to the Azores Archipelago and has been working since the 5th of January from NONAGON - Science and Technology Park, in São Miguel. It will be from this place where the platform will work on the ground with local companies and entities, with a view to making the platform known, which may bring to the region and get to know, more directly, the business fabric of the region, as well as further strengthening ties with local bodies such as the University of the Azores and Inova and also local government and municipal entities.


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