Textile challenges and opportunities discussed at UMinho

26 Mar 2015 News

Textile challenges and opportunities discussed at UMinho

Textile challenges and opportunities discussed at UMinho

Textile challenges and opportunities discussed at UMinho

The workshop “From Knowledge to the Market - Textile” brought together nearly a hundred people during the afternoon of yesterday at the B1.10 auditorium on the Azurém campus of the University of Minho (UMinho). Organized by the Fibrenamics platform, the event made it possible to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the market in areas such as architecture, personal protection and sport.

Early in the afternoon, the coordinator of the Fibrenamics platform, Raul Fangueiro, took the opportunity to announce that the group's website is being restructured, pending news soon. After Carlos Almeida made a brief overview of the platform and its mission, Adrea Zille, researcher at UMinho, gave a presentation on “Innovation with nanotechnology”, which was followed by presentations by Juliana Cruz, Fibrenamics, and Hélder Carvalho , also from UMinho, who spoke about Innovation with Functional Finishes and Innovation with electronic textiles, respectively.

For the second part of the workshop, a meeting was scheduled with the moderation of journalist Hugo Correia, who played his role seated in an eco-composite puff reinforced with natural fiber. Fernando Ferreira, from the UMinho Center for Textile Science and Engineering, Manuel Lopes, from Casas em Movimento, Hélder Forte, from LUCIOS, Carlos Carvalhal, Al-Ahli coach, Miguel Botelho de Sousa, from the National Defense Industries Platform, and Filipe Coentro, from Estaleiros Navais de Peniche, composed the panel of speakers who discussed ongoing projects and future challenges in the areas of construction, architecture, sport, personal protection and transport, based on the use of fibrous materials. In the case of sport and personal protection, for example, the opportunities in the textile market include preventing injuries and increasing the lightness of the material, respectively.

At the end of the day, the participants were satisfied with the session. Orlando Cunha, from Fapomed, is a regular participant in Fibrenamics activities, and said that “once again it was very interesting”, stressing the importance it has for companies to come to universities to understand what innovations are being developed. Lídia Araújo and Paulo Pimenta, students of Fashion Design and Marketing and Textile Engineering, respectively, stated that events of this nature, of approaching the market, are “very important” at various levels. On the one hand, they allow the dissemination of knowledge produced in universities, in order to be able to introduce it to the market, valuing research work, and on the other hand, they allow to understand the needs that the market has, so that solutions can be investigated / developed. Even for those who are in complementary areas, as is the case with Lídia, these activities allow to acquire integrated knowledge and views that the UMinho student believes "are necessary in the job opportunity market."


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