The Super Projects

06 Dec 2021 News

The Super Projects

The Super Projects

The Super Projects

Over the past 10 years, the Fibrenamics Association has been focusing on issues that are important and able to boost the welfare of society as well as enable greater environmental sustainability that will, in turn, reduce the human footprint on the ecosystem.

On a daily basis, this Association aims to create sustainable solutions capable of improving the quality of life of society, in addition to preserving the environment. Thereby, in this article, we intend to leave some examples of the Fibrenamics team's contribution, over these 10 years of existence, for the prosperity of current and future generations.

1. ProtechDry

As one of Fibrenamics' pioneer projects, the ProtechDry project perfectly illustrates the magic of fibers and Fibrenamics' humanistic and environmental nature. This project, developed in partnership between Fibrenamics and Impetus, consisted in the development of reusable underwear for light urinary incontinence, indicated for stress incontinence, postpartum, urinary system problems, stress, post-surgical intervention, temperature changes, among others. This innovation allowed, therefore, the replacement of disposable diapers and greater comfort to its user, as this piece neutralizes odors, is anti-allergic, ultra-absorbent, waterproof, washable, and reusable. As a result, this noble product was highlighted as Product of the Year in the field of incontinence in 2013, winning the grand prize for marketing and innovation. In 2017, this product also won the Five Star award in the incontinence category.

2. ProtechSleep

Also developed in partnership with Impetus, the ProtechSleep project sought to develop clothing for the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders, using, for this purpose, the functionalization of innovative fibrous materials, seamless knitted structures, and product design inspired by biomimetic concepts.

3. Sense-Bed

Resulting from the partnership between Fibrenamics and the company Vital Marques Rodrigues, the Sense-Bed project aims to improve the health and comfort of those who suffer from reduced mobility, chronic and terminal diseases. In order to achieve that, this project presented a solution of intelligent textiles for covering mattresses that allow the prevention of bedsores, improves the distribution of the person's weight on the mattress, allows heating for thermal control of the patient in bed, and also presents a pressure intensity monitoring system to help caregivers of bedridden patients to prevent the onset of bedsores.

4. The Good Bottle

The Good Bottle project, developed in partnership between the Mirpuri Foundation and Fibrenamics, aims to eliminate the presence of plastic in the oceans and landfills. To do this, it was necessary to rethink the composition of the bottles we buy, which allowed the development of a polymeric base that can be composted in a domestic environment and simultaneously serve as food for marine species during its degradation. This innovation seeks to revolutionize the world industry by taking a strong step in the field of environmental sustainability. As it was possible to advance previously, the Sociedade da Água de Monchique will be the first company whose product will be packaged by The Good Bottle.


Besides these projects mentioned, there are others, such as Rebuild17, in the construction area, and the Pradex project, in the health area, which are also able to demonstrate Fibrenamics' concern in rethinking the present in order to present solutions for a better tomorrow.

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