Videoconference with Mário de Araújo

17 Jun 2015 News

Videoconference with Mário de Araújo

Videoconference with Mário de Araújo

“Noble materials for luxury products” is the theme of the videoconference that Professor Mário de Araújo will star in this Wednesday, June 17th, through the official youtube channel of Fibrenamics / UMinho.

The event, scheduled for 2pm, is the antechamber of the course “Luxury and high quality textiles”, which will start next Friday. As part of the “Fibrenamics Training” activity, this premium edition of advanced training courses aims to respond to the market niche: the luxury market.

Rui Almeida, Director of Research & Intelligence at Havas Media Group, wrote an opinion piece in the Diário Económico, on May 19, which is worth reading [here].

How can a luxury brand of Portuguese origin succeed in the global market? The opinion of Professor Mário de Araújo, to see and hear, free of charge.


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