01 Jun 2020 - 03 Apr 2021 Technology


Development of reusable level II protective masks

The fight against COVID-19 is only possible through a concentrated action that includes all professional groups in addition to health professionals, who may have contact with people with COVID-19. According to DGS, Guideline No. 019/2020 of 03/04/2020 (Annex I and II), Non-Health Professionals must be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment.

Development of a level II protection mask to be used by people who, other than health professionals, are in daily contact with a large number of people due to their professional activity.

Presentation of an innovative concept for level II masks for use by Non-Health Professionals, with durability up to 50-60 washes, economical, comfortable, ergonomic and whose use time is extended (up to 8 hours of use).
The objective is to do it through an active three-dimensional fibrous structure, working in an integrated manner and using the 3D knitting process in three distinct functional layers: (1) outer layer with active barrier effect; (2) intermediate layer of filtration and retention of particles; and (3) inner comfort layer.

The Actifiber project is promoted by LMA - Leandro Manuel Araújo, S.A.

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