01 Feb 2020 - 31 Dec 2020 Technology

Active Protection

Development of a new generation reusable PPE with anti-bacteorological and anti-viral functionalization for professional context

The emerging threat of infectious diseases has reinforced the importance of the need for efficient personal protective equipment (PPE), to protect not only health professionals, but also patients and visitors. In this regard, it appears that due to the characteristics of the coronavirus COVID19, the pathological consequences are more severe in the elderly, with approximately 91% of deaths occurring in Portugal aged 70 years or over, with 1/3 of these deaths occurred in homes. In this sense, it is important to protect health professionals who deal with high risk factors caused by the virus on a daily basis, so that they are not active agents for the transmission of the virus and can protect themselves from contamination.

The objective of Active Protection is the development of a new generation of reusable PPE (gowns, caps and leggings), with anti-bacterial and anti-viral functionality, for use in a professional context (homes, firefighters, among others), with the ability to active performance, in addition to the barrier protection provided by the fibrous structure itself.

Through the proposed functionalization, the promoter will have the ability to materialize an innovative concept incorporating active characteristics in PPE, contrary to what happens in passive (traditional) PPE, in a quick and agile way, with a view to the quick placing of these products on the market.

The Active Protection project (POCI-01-02B7-FEDER-048148) is promoted by the company Latino Group.



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