01 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2017 Technology


Advanced Materials for Defense

Financed by the Ministry of National Defense, the Portuguese consortium AuxDefense stands out for the development of new advanced military equipment of individual protection with high resistance to the impact, cut and perforation.
The AuxDefense project brings to the defense sector new high performance ballistic helmets and vests, knee pads and elbow pads in mechanical protection using nanotechnology and auxetic materials, based on biomimetic concepts.

More effective, lightweight, and ergonomic, ballistic helmets and vests and knee/elbow pads are designed to efficiently protect the military from the different branches of the Armed Forces in theater operations.
Based on the knowledge generated in the University of Minho over the last few years in fiber-based structures and auxetic materials, military equipment components have been developed with improved performance in terms of the absorption capacity of impact loads (explosions, ballistics…), cutting and perforation, in order to more effectively protect the military.
The team involved also focused on ergonomic issues, having tested thermoregulatory functional materials and moisture managers, among others, to ensure comfort in the use of these innovative equipment.

Developed to the highest standards of the Portuguese Armed Forces, Auxdefense products have received the Army Tested quality seal, a certification of the responsibility of the Army Staff that certifies approved products in the most rigorous tests of resistance and usability, uniting what’s most advanced in material levels to generate comfort and durability that far exceeds regular standards.
With a unique design and national identity, the new ballistic helmet is lighter, with a high impact protection, a quick adjustment system and a perfect humidity management.
It was developed with the goal of conferring level IIIA (NIJ) ballistic protection and STAGNAG 2920 anti-shatter protection.
The new Ballistic Vest design has better protection for cutting, perforation and mechanical hazards and enables greater load distribution efficiency. The physiological thermoregulation brings more comfort to the military as well as the new system of opening and fast closing.
Knee and Elbow Pads
Designed to better absorb impact energy, the developed knee pads and elbows feature high abrasion resistance and a design designed to make it easy to attach to the garment.

The AuxDefense consortium links the University of Minho, through the Fibrenamics International Platform, the Portuguese Army and the Portuguese Air Force to five Portuguese companies in the northern region: Fibrauto, IDT Consulting, Latin Group, LMA and Sciencentris.
In addition to the development of ballistic protection equipment and all the innovative knowledge associated with the issue, the project also guarantees the transfer of this knowledge from the research entity to the companies involved in the consortium, with the aim of industrializing and guaranteeing its commercialization.



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