01 Oct 2018 - 31 Dec 2020 Technology

BasaltWaste Composite

Development of EcoComposites reinforced by residues from basalt exploration, with antimicrobial properties, for architectural components.

In an era dominated by concerns about the environment and the sustainability of the resources available for nature, the demand for the use and enhancement of natural materials is also of particular importance, as a mitigating effect of policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, that have contributed, among other causes, to the global warming of the planet.
In the particular case of basalt rock, its use generates a high amount of waste, as a result of its extraction, cutting and sanding processes until the obtaining of final conventional products, which are not typically introduced in reuse and recycling valorization processes.

Find new solutions for the recovery of basalt rock residues that can enhance its characteristics and properties and originate products with greater added value, valuing its aesthetic and functional components.

The BasaltWaste Composite project follows the strong trend towards the use of polymeric materials to replace conventional materials such as steel, aluminum, among others. This trend is largely justified by the exceptional characteristics of this type of material, namely regarding its lower density and cost, in addition to eliminating the possibility of corrosion of these materials over time.
Allied to these factors, the polymers prove to be equally versatile and durable, in addition to not having any damage in terms of their mechanical properties in the final products, compared to traditional materials.
On the other hand, and in line with the development of materials science and engineering, these advantages can also be increased by combining polymers with fibrous materials or mineral fillers, as in the case of waste from basalt extraction, resulting in composite materials.

The project gave rise to several prototypes in order to assess the influence of using different types of mineral waste, as well as different processing variables.
The following mineral residues from the exploration of the partner Albano Vieira were tested: pumice, bagacina, ignimbrito, dry mud, wet mud and mixture.
The consortium Facil / Albano Vieira, is now qualified to commercialize its knowledge, focused on the development of products from Eco Composites with the integration of basalt residues. This strategy also allows the consortium to penetrate markets with high added value, with potential for export and replacement of imported products for construction and tourism.

The BasaltWaste Composite project (ACORES-01-0247-FEDER-000013) is promoted by the consortium between the companies Facil Inova LDA. and Albano Vieira SA.

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