01 Oct 2010 Technology

BCR – Braided Composite Rods

Braided composite rods for concrete reinforcement.

This project, developed by the University of Minho, consists in creating and developing braided composite rods – BCR – for concrete reinforcement (beams, columns and, in form of network, he slabs and floors) and soil stabilization (nailing and anchors).

The corrosion of steel requires the rehabilitation of all kind of buildings. When used for the reinforcemento of concrete, leads to its cracking and posting. In most aggressive environments such as sea-front buildings, this problem is even more serious, requiring a regular investment in the preservation and rehabilitation of structures. Moreover, the weight of the reinforcing materials has to be taken into consideration when planning a construction, whether it is the transport logistics, the handling and the application in the construction, or whether it is the production or the application in strengthening concrete elements.
The braided composite rods (BCR) do not suffer corrosion, thus eliminating the need for rehabilitation of buildings and presenting high durability. Moreover, this product is lighter than the steel rods commonly used nowadyas for concrete reinforcement (the BCRs are 80% lighter than the steel rods). Thus, BCRs eliminate the rehabilitation costs and reduce the logistics costs for transportation, handling and application in construction. In addition, they allow the reinforcement of concrete elements in which the weight of the reinforcing material is a constraint.

BCRs are light bars with high relation of rupture tension/specific weight allowing for the reinforcement of concrete elements, in which the weight material is a constraint. Their constituents are smart materials, capable of monitoring the structures’ stress stages through non-destructive testing “in situ”. They are produced with different materials according to the envisaged application and possess ribbed surface and is developed in a single production step. The BCR possess mechanical, physical and chemical properties compatible with the requirements for concrete reinforcement features and thus, the steel rods may be replaced by these BCR eliminating the major problem associated with the concrete reinforcement with steel – steel CORROSION. They are also indicated in the replacement of steel rods to stabilize soils.

As a summary, these are the BCR’s key product features:
● Do not suffer corrotion;
● Allow the monitorisation of the stress stage of the structures by non-destructive testing;
● Possess high durability;
● Possess high-performance and low-cost;
● Decrease the degradation of structures and facilitates the procedures for structures rehabilitation;
● Reduce logistics costs of shipping, handling and application work.


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