01 Dec 2009 - 30 Nov 2011 Technology

Development of multifunctional high-tech towels

Complete thermotherapy system, consisting of an electrically heated towel and the respective temperature controller.

Promoted by Villafelpos S.A. in partnership with Fibrenamics – University of Minho and Nelson Azevedo - Global Therapies, the project aims to create a complete thermotherapy system, consisting of an electrically heated towel and the respective temperature controller.

The design of the product took into consideration the standardization concerning the electrical part (IEC60601), more specifically, following the general standard (IEC60601-1), as well as the safety of all materials in contact with the skin, guaranteed by Oeko-Tex® brand.
The structure and the requirements of the thermotherapy system were determined mainly by the experience gained on the ground that, in addition to the survey made to professionals in the area, also included a clinical trial with real patients.

The system possesses three basic components: a conventional terry towel, an isolated electrical resistance and a temperature controlling mechanism.
The towel is a conventional pile with ring structure with shaved Jacquard. The top web is comprised of a wire 24/2 Ne 100% cotton, low-wire web 24/2 Ne 100% cotton, and the weft yarn consists of 16/1 Ne 100% cotton with a weight per unit area of 460 g/m2.
The heating effect produced by the towel is achieved by an electrical resistance (Joule effect), inserted in the towel, consisting of a flexible multifilament 100% stainless steel, coated on a polyester film with linear density of 3200 tex and a diameter of 1.25 mm, embroiled in a thin non-woven fabric 100% polyamide with a weight per unit area of 44 g/m2. As this resistance is electrically isolated, the towel can be soaked for treatments with moist heat.
The temperature controller sets the towel heat level, which is selected by the user through the remote controller command. To achieve the final goal, the remote control has two buttons (up / down), which allows for choosing one of four heating levels, indicated by the scale of four green LEDs. The “down” button also allows turning off the towel (OFF), in which the scale of the LEDs will all be erased.

The Project Development of multifunctional high-tech towels (QREN Project No. 2010/11963), developed by Villafelpos S.A. (Portugal), was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN).



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