01 Sep 2022 - 31 Aug 2025 Technology


Creation of tools and decision support systems for textile enameling companies, enabling them to manage water correctly and, above all, appropriately to the types of processes they have in their facilities.

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The GIATEX project aims to answer the challenges textile finishing companies face in terms of intensive water consumption. To do so, it is intended to develop a set of tools that allow companies to reduce the specific water consumption (use of less intensive technologies and adoption of treatment technologies that will enable water reuse) and, at the same time, support the decision on the final destination to give to the water (through the integration of monitoring and control systems of the process). Thus, a strategy was defined that has as main activities:

Study and characterization of wet processes;
R&D in intelligent systems for monitoring the process, ennoblement technologies with lower water consumption and wastewater treatment technologies;
Implementation of the developed technologies in pilot units;
Development of a decision support computer tool for water management.

Specific goals

Development of a multifunctional system for the treatment and purification of water used in various industries, through the functionalization of fibrous structures with active adsorption agents (metallic nanoparticles, activated carbon, among others) of certain contaminants, allowing the selective separation of those to be reused from those to be neutralized.

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