01 Apr 2020 - 31 Mar 2022 Technology


Creation of an integrating platform for different types of agents in order to recover and recover waste (rubber, plastic, among others) capable of being converted into new value-added products for applications in the tourism segment

Currently, we normally find waste management platforms associated with issues related to legislation, but without promoting consolidated strategies in which all the agents involved (companies, universities, business associations, end users, among others) are integrated under the motto “from waste to market for science and technology ”. On the other hand, in this context, we also have the promotion of events of a scientific nature in which the participation of companies is quite limited by the fact that the developments normally presented are still very far from the market.

Creation of a cooperation platform for different types of entities and agents, as a disruptive strategy, capable of actively acting in the promotion of economic value chains intervening in the regional tourism sector, with special focus on transforming them into circular economies. The development of these synergies between different partners will also contribute, not only to a more efficient, optimized and valued waste management, but will also contribute to minimize the need to import raw materials and / or finished products.

Development of models that demonstrate technology that will allow the identification of opportunities for the development of innovative products based on the referred residues. Based on this survey of opportunities, and through research and development activities, the intention is to subsequently realize these products and present and disseminate them to potential customers, partners and final consumers of different players in the tourism sector (generation of linear value chains). Thus, there is the intention to contribute, in an efficient way, to fill the needs and opportunities identified in the market, namely the valorization of the waste generated in the region (plastic, rubber, among others) promoting not only the conservation of biodiversity and cultural heritage, with also encouraging the application of principles of environmental sustainability in the different actors of the tourism value chain.
The project also contributes to the reduction of costs related to the transport and export of this waste.

The GreenWaste project (ACORES-01-0247-FEDER-000022) is promoted by Simbiente Açores –Engineering and Environmental Management.

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