01 Jan 2020 - 31 Jan 2024 Science

Multifunctional Fibrous structures for Advanced Personal Protective Equipment based on Natural Fibers and Nanomaterials

Recently, there was an unprecedented increase in the development of technologies to protect the human being. People are more exposed to several threats harmful to their health. Chemical and biological hazardous agents are a huge problem for the military forces and for all the population. Consequently, it’s essential to develop active personal protection fibrous systems capable of decomposing pesticides, microorganisms and most important: chemical and biological warfare agents.

One recent strategy for developing active fibrous structures with improved functions and new properties is their functionalization with nanoparticles (NPs). Although their known effectiveness in the decomposition of harmful agents, the NPs could also include other functionalities in the same structure, without adding extra weight and using low quantities of material. In this work, multifunctional fibrous systems (MFS) will be developed using the most sustainable processes, taking advantage of the low environmental impact of natural fibers (NF) and the great potential of NPs.



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