01 Oct 2018 - 30 Sep 2020 Technology


New generation of felt structures based on innovative fibers using nanotechnology.

The NanoFelt project aims to develop a new generation of felt structures based on innovative high-performance fibers, combined with protein fibers from animal hair, for application in textile products (fashion, health and well-being).

Thus, it is intended to develop a new generation of felt structures based on protein fibers from animal hair, using its combination with innovative fibers developed applying:
● functionalization techniques
● the incorporation of advanced fibrous materials
● the development and incorporation of new multi-scale fibrous materials, such as nanofibers, in order to maximizing the properties of the resulting structures.
These innovative fibers will present the properties necessary for their production of felts by felting technology, following the normal behavior of the hair fibers when subjected to mechanical actions, under defined humidity and pH conditions.

This approach will allow obtaining unnatural polymer fibers with felting behaviors typical of protein fibers, providing inter-fiber union for the production of felt, through its high capacity of contraction and expansion during processing. In addition, it is intended to minimize the negative impacts of the use of protein fibers, such as their cost, variability of properties and availability in the market.

The NanoFelt Project (Project POCI-01-0247-FEDER-038435) is promoted by FEPSA - FELTROS PORTUGUESES S.A.



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