01 Feb 2020 - 31 Dec 2020 Technology


Development of thermoformed FFP2 protection masks, with filtration gradient (nano and micro), for professional context.

In the context of the pandemic caused by Covid-19, the need to produce masks that provide the necessary level of protection against viral attacks has increased, both with the general population and health professionals who have daily contact with the virus.

The main objective of the NanoMask project, promoted by Poleva in partnership with Fibrenamics – University of Minho, is to develop thermoformed FFP2 masks, using a filter with a gradient of filtration capacity (nano and micro) for use in a professional context, with the necessary recognition as PPE, according to the existing standardization (EN149).

These FFP2 masks are developed from multi-scale fibrous structures, with particular emphasis on the development of nanomaterials, namely fibrous nanostructures with high viral filtration capacity. Ergonomics is another important factor in the project.
The innovative concept presented, in addition to suppressing an emerging need in the supply of PPE´s, also represents an advance in the state of the art, through the development of a new generation of fibrous structures with the industrial conversion of the company.

The project resulted in a FFP2 thermoformed mask with greater filtration capacity, lighter weight, does not fog up visors and glasses and contains biodegradable material.
Certified by AITEX - Textile Research Institute, NanoMask is disposable, but it has a filter support frame made up of biodegradable material, which can integrate the domestic composting.
The project also introduced novelties in the ergonomics of the FFP2. In addition to promoting a good adaptation to the user's face, it has an external contour adaptive to the movement of the jaw ensuring greater comfort and breathability. It is also lighter, weighing 28% less than the FFP2 currently available.

The NanoMask project (project nº 48171) is promoted by Poleva.



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