01 Sep 2013 - 30 Jun 2015 Technology


Multifunctional narrow fabrics.

This R&D project, sponsored by IDEPA in partnership with Fibrenamics Platform of the University of Minho, called “Multifunctional narrow fabrics”, aimed to carry out research and development activities that could achieve the necessary knowledge for the incorporation of highly innovative narrow fabrics concepts with:
● Power carrying capacity;
● Interaction capability with the environment;
● Reduced thermal signature capability.

The project led to the development of three prototypes, considering the three concepts listed above. In this sense, it was produced narrow woven base materials with energy-carrying capacity and emission of light (the optical fibre type, electroluminescent wire, etc.). In terms of interaction with the environment, narrow fabrics stamped with chromotropic pigments were created, which means that they can change its color by an external stimulus, such as temperature, moisture, or sunlight. For the thermal signature, we developed belts comprising fibre metal wires and metal pigments able to protect the thermal signature, or able to be invisible to infrared radiation, serving as personal protection for soldiers in camouflage war scenario.

The NARROWTECH project (Project No. 2014/37658 NSRF) developed by IDEPA- Indústria de Passamanarias, Lda (Portugal), is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through the National Strategic Reference Framework (QREN).



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