01 Jul 2016 - 30 Jun 2019 Technology


R&D nucleus for high performance functional threads.

This R&D project, promoted by Inovafil Fiação, SA in partnership with 2C2T and the International Platform Fibrenamics at the University of Minho, has as main objective the constitution of a research and development nucleus within the scope of high functional performance threads, for the use of technical textile products.

The nucleus intends to concentrate and reinforce the competences in the area of nanotechnological wires with high functional performance, through the creation of a solid and coherent R&D structure based on the competences of an entity of the Scientific and Technological System, the University of Minho, through the Center Textile Science and Technology, and a business entity operating in the field of textile yarns, INOVAFIL, in order to foster the establishment of a lasting partnership, with an appropriate articulation between the two entities.

The creation of the nucleus provides promoters with the opportunity to share their skills, and in the case of INOVAFIL, it includes production and marketing skills, and, in the case of UMINHO, skills related to the development and incorporation of scientific knowledge. Thus, the entities involved will be able to foster internal networking, to reinforce their capabilities and the ID character in the area of functional threads.

Therefore, this project conjectures the structuring of at least 5 R&D projects, related to each of the themes addressed, to be carried out by the entities involved, considering the challenges identified previously, within a maximum period of 3 years.

The project "NIDYARN - R&D Nucleus for high performance functional yarns", promoted by the company Inovafil Fiação, SA (Portugal) and co-promoted by the Center for Science and Textile Technology (2C2T) of the University of Minho, is co-financed by Portugal 2020.



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