01 Jan 2018 - 31 Dec 2019 Technology


Azores Creative Industry Platform

The resources that the Azores Archipelago provide have great potential and are often envied by those who do not have access to them. The potential for application and use of endogenous resources is immense.

Initiative to promote the development of innovative ideas using endogenous resources.

The project involves several actors with competences in terms of industrial design, product design, conceptual design, materials engineering, but not exclusively, and applies the knowledge of these areas in the development of new products from endogenous materials from the Azores, with the aim of to be used mainly, but not exclusively, in tourist units of different types, such as local accommodation, hotel, residential or rural.

Through the Azores Creative Industry Platform, the Use & Abuse initiative promoted an international competition aimed at the development of products from rocks, fibers, soils and wood in the region
A project was also carried out to enhance the materials listed in the Catalog of Endogenous Materials by incorporating new features / applications, increasing not only their functional value, but also their perceived value.

The PICA project - Azores Creative Industry Platform (ACORES-03-0752-FEDER-000028) is promoted by the Regional Laboratory of Civil Engineering of the Azores.

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