01 Dec 2020 - 30 Jun 2023 Technology

Protech Mask

It is intended to develop protective masks that can adequately respond to the needs of particle filtration and biological agents at the nanoscale and, simultaneously, act in the degradation of these agents, maximizing the protection of the user in environments with different risk levels.

The Protech Mask project has a set of specific objectives:

  • Development of fibrous structures (polypropylene, polyester, among others) at the micro / nanoscale, by electrospinning processes, with a porosity of less than 200 nanometers, in order to guarantee the barrier capacity of chemical and biological agents;
  • Functionalisation of fibrous structures, by fardarding, coating processes or during the nanofiber production process, using solutions of up to 10% of active agents and / or carbon-based materials, in order to neutralize up to 94% of chemical agents and biological incidents;
  • Combination of fibrous multiscale structures, namely structures at macro and micro / nanoscales, through thermoforming processes, to obtain multilayer structures, for the design of FFP2 class masks, capable of retaining up to 94% of solid and liquid particles , according to EN 149: 2001;
  • Product design for personal protective equipment, namely reusable masks, using bio-design and biomimetic approaches, which allow to increase functional comfort, ergonomics and reduce the user's stress level by continued use by up to 20%;
  • Development of personal protective equipment, namely reusable masks, with protection class FFP2, capable of withstanding up to 50 washes, without losing its chemical and biological protection effect.

The recent pandemic COVID19 demonstrated several weaknesses in individual protection products, namely in masks, and there was a need to adapt the existing standardization, in order to make it possible to use these protection systems in an indiscriminate way. On the other hand, current protection systems function only as a protection barrier with filtration of particles with large sizes, and it will be important to move to the next level, using active functional fibrous architectures.
This approach will enable the company to develop innovative products with a strong technological component, namely with regard to the development of active reusable masks for daily use to protect against biological agents, being able to develop products with added value.

The Protech Mask project is promoted by the company Poleva - Termoconformados, S.A.

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