01 Oct 2018 - 31 Dec 2020 Technology


Multifunctional clothing for the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders

The ProtechSleep project consists in the development of clothing for the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders, using the functionalization of innovative fibrous materials, seamless mesh structures and product design inspired by biomimetic concepts.

A new generation of clothing products, including pajamas and other underwear, for the prevention and treatment of sleep disorders, combining the thermophysiological and ergonomic comfort of the product, with muscle and neurological relaxation, as well as the prevention of cell aging resulting from this pathology.

The use of emerging technologies including nanotechnology, directionally oriented compression, localized compression with the effect of micromassages and advanced materials for use in sleepwear (oriented mainly to health and wellbeing applications).

The project presents four lines of research that contributed to the development of this pajamas:

  1. Approach to thermoregulation for summer and winter solutions, with a combination of natural regenerated and protein fibers, respectively.
  2. Approach to graduated compression with the development of targeted compression structures, which follow the concepts advocated by kinesiology for muscle relaxation. Clothing items accompany specific muscle groups to stimulate relaxation trigger points. Body maps adapted for men and women were developed, divided into two pieces (shirt and pants) with slimfit.
  3. The micro massage for the development of a different three-dimensional fibrous structure by manipulating the structure by "embossing". This is differentiator when compared to market solutions that have this effect mostly guaranteed by coatings, transfers or other polymeric depositions on the surface.
    The structures developed and the technology chosen for this allow the placement of this effect on any part / structure, as well as the regulation of its rigidity, increasing or decreasing the user's perception, as desired. The allocation of this technology for dorsal and lumbar stimulation was foreseen, and it can also be applied to other body areas.
  4. The release of aromas with an ecological approach, opting for water-based essential oil emulsions, as well as optimized functionalization processes, at low temperature, with less energy and resource expenditure. The functional structures with this formulation demonstrated a durability greater than 30 washes, as evidenced by an olfactory panel, corroborated by GC-MS tests.

The introduction of ProtechSleep on the market will be sequential during 2021 with IMPETUS scaling up the technologies developed. During 2021, pre-clinical tests will also be carried out to verify the effect of the developed clothing (with each approach) in promoting sleep quality.

The ProtechSleep project (Project POCI-01-0247-FEDER-038322) is promoted by IMPETUS PORTUGAL - TÊXTEIS S.A.



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