01 Jan 2019 - 29 Feb 2020 Science

Sensinsole - Piezoresistive and multifunctional insoles based on graphene nanoplatelets and natural fibres

In an increasingly evolving society, the market seeks to provide answers to the numerous demands, thus arising the need to develop new products with multiple functionalities. In addition, with the increase in environmental awareness, the development of sustainable techniques and products has received a lot of attention in recent years. Regarding this, it is necessary to develop intelligent and multifunctional fibrous systems due to the wide variety of potential applications resulting from their flexibility and ability to adapt to different forms. These systems can be used in several areas such as sports, military, medicine, engineering, automotive and aerospace.

One of the areas that has attracted attention for monitoring is the sports area, more specifically in monitoring the positioning of the foot. This control is very important for sports recovery and even for the prevention of possible injuries from a bad foot position. Currently, there are already some solutions on the market capable of meeting these needs, however, they have an extremely high price. So, the development of a more economical and sustainable solution will be an asset.
In order to meet the needs previously described, this project consists on the development of a fibrous system based on natural fibers, biodegradable polymers and conductive nanoparticles, endowed with several functionalities such as piezoresistive response, electrical conductivity, UV protection, hydrophobicity and antibacterial activity.

Sensinsole presents itself as a monitoring and data collection insole for the sports area, capable of obtaining all data regarding the position of the foot and transmitting it in real time to a fixed or mobile device.



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