01 Apr 2020 - 31 Mar 2022 Technology

Slope Stabilization and Revegetation

Development of biocomposite geotextiles reinforced with fibrous materials of natural origin, and incorporating seeds of plant species, intended for the stabilization and revegetation of slopes, within the construction and tourism sectors

As a result of its geographical location, in a region of borders between tectonic plates, the Azores have active volcanic activity and, consequently, are prone to the occurrence of earthquakes due to their movement. On the other hand, and given the particular topographical features of the area, characterized by the existence of various types of rock structures, such as embankments, they lead to erosion processes becoming more frequent.

The project aims to support the exploitation of regional resources that allow to reduce imports of raw materials and the development of more sustainable innovative products, using fibrous materials of natural origin and seeds of endogenous plant species. It is also intended that this project, through its technological advantages, triggers a drag effect in different industries and applications in the area of civil engineering.

For the development of biocomposites for elements of the civil engineering and geotechnical sector, namely components for stabilization and revegetation of embankments, the selection of applications and the respective products to be developed will be particularly important. The project foresees studies of controlled plant growth, development of fibrous structures with integration of seeds and application of geotextiles in real conditions of use (soils).
Currently, the residues from which natural fibers can be extracted are not simply used or, eventually, only used in the reinforcement of polymeric matrices. With the Slope Stabilization and Revegetation, it is intended to enhance these fibrous materials in biocomposite geotextiles that will also guarantee better mechanical properties (something we do not see in reinforced cementitious matrices) and with dispersion of vegetable seeds - totally innovative in the sector.

The Slope Stabilization and Revegetation project (ACORES-01-0247-FEDER-000021) is promoted by Açorgeo - Sociedade De Estudos Geotécnicos, Lda.

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