01 Nov 2019 - 30 Apr 2022 Technology


Development of terry fabrics based on circular economy concepts

The TerryPlanet project, promoted by the company Mundotêxtil, aims to develop innovative terry fabrics based on circular economy principles.

It is a project that involves the use of more sustainable natural fibers and the inclusion of fibrous waste as well as increasing durability and reducing the amount of raw materials used.
At the same time, the project intends to guarantee the incorporation of these aspects without compromising the performance of the terry fabrics structures, such as the capacity to absorb and release moisture, the touch and appearance, when used in towels, considering particularly the requirements of the hotel segment.

Obtaining the proposed results involves carrying out R&D activities, mainly in the following areas:
● Emerging natural fibers with less environmental impact than cotton, with a particular focus on fibers of protein and vegetable origin;
● Study of the deterioration of the characteristics / properties of the fibers during their processing (weaving, finishing and confection) and the use of the final product itself, as a way to guarantee combinations of fibers with fibrous residues suitable for maintaining the characteristics of the terry fabrics;
● New fibers, structural engineering and less aggressive finishing processes that allow to obtain a product with greater durability and efficiency, promoting the extension of its life cycle;
● New fibrous absorbent structures that, due to construction reengineering, consume less amount of base material and, consequently, less amount of dyeing and / or finishing products, without compromising the characteristics required for the terry fabric.
This project represents an important tool to consolidate Mundotêxtil's internal innovation strategy, and to strengthen its international positioning, emphasizing the advantages of a productive process sustained by the circular economy, with innovative products with high added value.

The project TerryPlanet (Project POCI-01-0247-FEDER-045244) is promoted by Mundotêxtil – Indústrias Têxteis S.A.



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