01 Apr 2018 - 31 Mar 2021 Technology


Development of advanced fibrous structures with fibrous surface treatments and coatings with high thermal efficiency and flame resistance for applications with high added value.

Globally, the textile sector has tried to properly adapt to the current on-going transformation in the technical textiles scenario, seeking to respond to new challenges with design, technology, quality, innovation and new business models. However, despite the improvements seen in recent years, the deficient incorporation of science and technology in the products is identified.

In this context, Olbo & Mehler Tex intends with the ThermFire4Woven project to develop advanced fibrous structures and composites, with the goal of presenting products with high thermal, fire, mechanical and chemical resistance.
This set of properties of composites will be achieved by combining the development of advanced textile structures, with surface treatments with a protective function and the formation of functional interfaces.

The resulting products are expected to have high thermal efficiency and flame resistance for high added value applications in the construction and transport sector, such as fire curtains (compartmentalization barrier) and battery support boxes. These applications have important functional deficiencies in terms of flame and gas barrier properties, heat transfer, weight, mechanical and chemical properties, and, in particular, with regard to the combination of these properties.
As a project with a strong interdisciplinary nature, and highly integrating skills, in addition to the innovative products / processes resulting from them, it is also intended to respond to the real need for an innovation unit in the field of advanced fabric coatings that aggregates the different skills and can generate continuous innovation in the post-project.

The ThermFire4Woven Project (Project POCI-01-0247-FEDER-033637) is promoted by OLBO & MEHLER TEX PORTUGAL, LDA.



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