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Development of new cellulosic-based filiform structures, and obtaining new types of functional, sustainable and biodegradable yarns, for technical sports and protective clothing

The TSCY project invests in the research and development of new cellulosic-based filiform structures, with the objective of obtaining new yarns with added functionalities and even though they are sustainable and biodegradable, not forgetting the design, for use in its production of technical textiles directed to the segments of clothing for sport and protection.

The project aims to develop highly innovative yarns that do not exist on the market:

• Sport: due to a greater concern for health, there is an increase in the practice of sport in more developed countries, both at professional and amateur levels, which brings with it an increase in the demand for specialized sports clothing, that is, with features that can be specific to each modality (for example, water sports enthusiasts need clothing with a high degree of impermeability, while extreme sports enthusiasts need clothing that gives them a greater degree of protection, muscle stability, but does not entail a weight gain), or general (thermoregulation, sweat dissipation, improved blood circulation).

• Personal protection: with increasing demands in terms of Safety at Work, a market niche emerges with very specific needs, for example, clothing with a high level of protection against shocks or fire and with high lightness and comfort. Given that the demands on Safety at Work cover a multitude of sectors with different needs and tend to be increasingly high.

The TSCY project aims to develop a new generation of textile yarns using advanced functionalization techniques, the incorporation of innovative cellulosic fibers (such as curauá) and new architecture for arranging fibers in filiform fibrous structures (yarns), with a view to maximize the properties of the resulting structures and the
minimize the negative impacts of using cellulosic fibers, such as moisture transport, water repellency, antibacterials, release of active substances, UV protection, thermal stability and increase in their mechanical properties. In this sense, obtaining the proposed results involves carrying out R&D activities mainly in the following areas:

• Investigation of functionalization processes for individualized fiber surfaces and cellulosic-based filiform fibrous structures (yarns), using sustainable and economically viable processes

• Study of the processability and performance of innovative natural fibers, with a view to obtaining functional yarns with improved properties of thermal stability, moisture transport and improved mechanical properties

• Investigation of new architectures of filiform structures, aiming at the combination of fibers at different scales, namely macro, micro and nano, in order to maximize the performance of the wires in the intended applications.

With TSCY, Inovafil can address the sports and protection segments, with new types of highly innovative yarns for the production of technical textiles.
The activities and results obt
ained have brought new capabilities and skills to the company that give it superior and sustainable competitive advantages, which in turn allow it to increase its distance from competitors, solidifying and improving its positioning, as well as achieving greater visibility in the markets. external, striving for a high capacity for innovation, a network of partners, quality and excellence of products and services, differentiation and know-how.

The TSCY project (POCI-01-0247-FEDER-023958) is promoted by the company Inovafil Fiação, S.A.



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