01 Apr 2017 - 30 Apr 2020 Science

TSSiPRO – Technologies for Sustainable and Smart Innovative Products

The main goal of the TSSIPRO project is to investigate and provide cutting edge scientific and technological advancements on sustainable and smart innovative technologies and systems based on polymers and textiles.
The project is structured in three integrated research lines and the Research team of Fibrenamics participates in the development of smart fibrous systems. The main goal is to use conventional manufacturing methods, modified conventional ones or new manufacturing ones to produce natural fibres reinforced with a biodegradable matrix of composite parts that may successfully replace other conventional composites. Some of the potential materials that can be used in this project are natural fibres like flax, jute, hemp, coir, sisal and sugar-palm fibres functionalized with metallic nanoparticles and coated with biopolymers.



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