01 Jun 2020 - 30 Apr 2021 Technology


Development of a reusable dispenser of disinfectant and moisturizing solutions, from hospital PPE waste

From the need to valorise residues from the incineration of PPE's and gel dispenser packaging, the opportunity arose to develop a product with the concept "From COVID problem to COVID solution" oriented towards circular economy. Thus, it is intended to develop a reusable dispenser from incineration waste for daily personal and professional use (restaurants, hospitals, among others). This dispenser has the capacity to store two different liquids at the same time: one of the reservoirs contains the disinfectant gel and the other reservoir a moisturizing cream to combat dehydration of the hands resulting from the intensification of the use of the disinfectant / hand washing.

The Waste_Covid_Dispenser project aims to develop a reusable dispenser, based on a biopolymer reinforced with slag residues (residues from the incineration process).

In order to achieve the planned objective, the project takes into consideration the elaboration of a specifications with the identification of the application requirements; development of a reinforced biopolymer with up to 70% slag residue; development of a product line for individual use (up to 100 ml) and for collective use (up to 500 ml); and validation and certification of the product on the market.

The Waste_Covid_Dispenser project is promoted by the company Givaware, Lda.



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