Prussian Blue Sensor for Bacteria Detection in Personal Protection Clothing

Authors: Liliana Leite; Vânia Pais; João Bessa; Fernando Cunha; Cátia Relvas; Noel Ferreira e Raul Fangueiro
Date: Feb, 2023
Scientific Journal "Polymers".


Halochromic Inks Applied on Cardboard for Food Spoilage Monitorization

Authors: Liliana Leite, Inês Boticas, Miguel Navarro, Luís Nobre, João Bessa, Fernando Cunha, Pedro Neves and Raul Fangueiro
Date: Sep, 2022
Scientific Journal "Materials".


Low-Velocity Impact Response of Auxetic Seamless Knits Combined with Non-Newtonian Fluids

Authors: Vânia Pais, Pedro Silva, João Bessa, Hernâni Dias, Maria Helena Duarte, Fernando Cunha e Raul Fangueiro
Date: May, 2022
Scientific Journal "Polymers".


Study of the Filtration Performance of Multilayer and Multiscale Fibrous Structures

Authors: Vânia Pais, Carlos Mota, João Bessa, José Guilherme Dias, Fernando Cunha e Raul Fangueiro
Date: Nov, 2021
Scientific Journal "Materials".


1st Prize in the “Investment in Entrepreneurial Skills” Category

Authors: European Enterprise Promotion Awards
Date: Sep, 2021
Fibrenamics, through TecMinho, and Sanjotec received the 1st national prize at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards (EEPA).


A Review of Multiple Scale Fibrous and Composite Systems for Heating Applications

Authors: Inês Pimentel Moreira; Usha Kiran Sanivada; João Bessa; Fernando Cunha and Raul Fangueiro
Date: Jun, 2021
Scientific Journal "Molecules".


Hydrophobic performance of electrospun fibers functionalized with TiO2 nanoparticles

Authors: Vânia Pais, Miguel Nacarro, Catarina Guise, Rui Martis and Raul Fangueiro
Date: Apr, 2021
Scientific Journal "Textile Research Journal".


Development of a Novel Multifunctional Cementitious-Based Geocomposite by the Contribution of CNT and GNP

Authors: Abedi, M; Fangueiro, R; Correia, A
Date: Apr, 2021
Scientific Journal "Multiscale Innovative Materials and Structures"


Automotive and construction applications of fiber reinforced composites

Authors: Marmol, G; Ferreira, D; Fangueiro, R
Date: Mar, 2021
Fibre Reinforced Composites: Constituents, Compatibility, Perspectives and Applications, ISBN: 9780128210901


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