Founded in 2011, INOVAFIL is a textile company that focuses on the production of yarn, both for the fashion industry and for more technical purposes. Both these products are unique and set the industry standards.

INOVAFIL is committed to product differentiation and constant quality surveillance through a laboratory within the company. How has the laboratory development ensured differentiation over time?
Inovafil has an internal laboratory, fully equipped with the latest technology, which operates 24 hours a day to show that the name Inovafil is synonymous with quality. This laboratory assumes great relevance in developments where the parameters, both physical and mechanical, are continuously monitored and adjusted to obtain the most innovative yarn with the best quality.

2019 edition of ICNF featured your stand. What news did you present to conference participants?
The participation in ICNF came from the NIDYARN (High Performance Functional Yarn R&D Core) project that Inovafil has in partnership with the University of Minho’s Textile Science and Technology Center, through Fibrenamics. With ICNF focused on natural fibrous materials, and with sustainability at the heart of many Nidyarn projects, in these three days of the conference we present extremely important ecofriendly products. Mixtures with kapok, hemp, nettles, organic cotton, among others were present at the ICNF.

At INOVAFIL you work with various types of materials. What is the relevance of natural fibers in this panoply of solutions and even for the future of the company?
As a result of global environmental concerns, customers are looking for more sustainable materials on a daily basis and, as a result, natural fibers are presented as a solution. Organic cotton free from modified organisms, hemp, nettle, yak are some of the options that Inovafil has available. In addition to natural fibers, recycled and biodegradable materials are also in constant demand today with solutions such as recycled polyester with markers in the fiber itself that prove that the product is made from really recycled polyester; or sustainable biodegradable lactic polyacid, based on maize. A renewable source that requires less energy and emits less carbon dioxide compared to other polymers and which under ideal composting conditions degrades in months.

INOVAFIL is one of Fibrenamics’ oldest partners. What advantages do you find in this collaborative work?
The origin of the name INOVAFIL is in the word “Innovation” – innovation is intrinsic in what the company produces. When it comes to innovation it is very important to have a close connection with universities and technology centers. Partnering with Fibrenamics has helped and helps make innovation happen effectively by sharing ideas as well as equipment so that products are tested at all levels. The creation of the NIDYARN core has reinforced this collaborative work by providing the opportunity to share skills.

Date: July/2019
Interviewed: Catarina Guise, R&D Engineer - Inovafil


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