Set up in 2008 on an initiative of São João da Madeira municipality, with the collaboration of The Network of Science Parks and Technology Incubators in Northern Region of Portugal (PortusPark), Sanjotec is a Scientific and Technological Association that brings to the region the necessary resources for the development of technology-based business projects, particularly in areas such as information systems, electronics, robotics and industrial automation.

Furthermore, Sanjotec is also the holder of a helpful environment to the affirmation of innovative technologic and high-potential projects, stimulating thereby, an approaching culture between companies and the scientific community, in particular by a strong connection to higher education and technology.

The availability of specialized training is another aspect of the activity of this organization, in liaison and partnership with a range of entities: universities or business training centres.

“The monitoring and the strategic advice and support to the implementation of projects is also among the functions of Sanjotec” ensured Ricardo Oliveira Figueiredo, president of the Direction of Sanjotec, emphasizing that this is a matter to which the organization pays particular attention as far as internationalization and business cooperation are concerned in order to promote and establish knowledge networks that support economic development.

Sanjotec incorporates the Municipality of S. João da Madeira, the University of Aveiro, the Technological Footwear Centre, Faurécia – Assentos para Automóveis, S.A, the Association Park for Science and Technology of Oporto (PortusPark), the Business club of São João da Madeira and CEDINTEC – Centre for Technological Development and Innovation.

“Inovation is the keyword”
Fibrenamics and Sanjotec signed on July 22nd 2015 a cooperation protocol that formalizes the connection between the two entities. The platform had already a physical space on the Business and Technology Centre of São João da Madeira since May of that year, but the symbolic protocol moment signature only occurred in July, within the program of a workshop that the two entities promoted together in Oliva Creative Factory facilities.

“Encouraging a growing close relationship between universities and companies has been a priority of S. João da Madeira Municipality in order to promote the local economy, assuming Sanjotec as a key hub for the development of this goal,” guaranteed Ricardo Figueiredo. This is a strategy that has succeeded, such as that of the connection established with TecMinho, more properly with Fibrenamics International Platform of the University of Minho, formalized through a cooperation protocol. Under this protocol it was set a series of activities to develop, from seminars and workshops, the promotion of entrepreneurship, advanced training and research projects, to the development and innovation with business partners in the region.

“The presence of Fibrenamics in S. João da Madeira, via its hub in Sanjotec, is important to the development and transfer of knowledge to the business companies of our region”, which is largely consistent either with the mission of TecMinho, or Sanjotec purpose. “From this significant advantages for our economic community take place, particularly in terms of promoting the competitiveness of the region, because our companies can now benefit from a privileged link connecting to the scientific community. And this is in many cases a determining factor for the modernization of enterprises and the development of innovative business projects."

“Right now, we are not only drawing a number of initiatives related to training around the product design, but also developing – in partnership with Fibrenamics, University of Aveiro and ISQ (Institute of Welding and Quality) – one project related to the area of technology transfer, based on an innovative methodology. Once again innovation is the keyword “concludes Ricardo Oliveira Figueiredo.

Date: September/2016
Interviewed: Ricardo Figueiredo, President of the Direction - Sanjotec


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