COST meeting discussed the future of scientific research and innovation

10 Sep 2015 News

COST meeting discussed the future of scientific research and innovation

COST meeting discussed the future of scientific research and innovation

COST meeting discussed the future of scientific research and innovation

On the 8th and 9th of September, Fibrenamics hosted the network meeting COST (European Cooperation in the Scientific and Technical Research) at the University of Minho, in Azurém.

During these two days, several experts from different countries discussed the future of new structures for architecture and construction, fulfilling one of the fundamental objectives of COST actions, which consists in defining European innovation and development goals and trends and in promoting networking and knowledge sharing.

For Professor Raul Frangueiro, coordinator of the Fibrenamics platform, the balance of this event was very positive since “it was possible during these two days to deepen the knowledge on various topics related to this theme such as the sustainability of solutions, energy efficiency, materials innovations, standardization and approval processes. ” Furthermore, it allowed Fibrenamics, as an international platform for the promotion and dissemination of knowledge based on fibers, to demonstrate its full potential “in the design of moments of sharing and generation of ideas, but also in what concerns its knowledge in the materials to be used. fiber base and the way it is used to create innovation together with business agents. ”

Marijke Mollaert, president of Ação COST, was also very satisfied with this edition of the COST meeting, saying that, although “it is always complicated to have some kind of expectations about this type of meetings”, in these two days the participants managed to develop some work that exceeded the expectations it brought. In addition to this, he also stated: “I really enjoyed coming to the University of Minho”.

This type of event has two moments, plenary sessions and meetings in working groups.

In the plenary session on the morning of the last day, Douglas Thompson, of the Portuguese Innovation Society (SPI), left some tips about the applications to the Horizonte2020 funding programs. "If we have a good export plan, but we do not have a scientific basis, we will not win," said the Briton, adding with confidence that "world success will grow".

The design of the Tower in textile material exhibited in Copenhagen, developed by the Fibrenamics team and produced by the knitting company AFF (A. Ferreira e Filhos), was presented during the morning plenary session of the first day, and a prominent reason, since it was identified as one of the success cases and good practices resulting from the network created under the COST action. It is now expected that this concept created will be exhibited in several European cities, with a forecast for installation in Guimarães in mid-2016.

For Professor Raul Fangueiro, the certainty is one: “at the end of this journey, the Fibrenamics Platform will have another significant number of partners and international users.”


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