Fibrenamics, Católica, and Planetiers celebrated a Cooperation Protocol

20 Mar 2024News

Fibrenamics, Católica, and Planetiers celebrated a Cooperation Protocol

Fibrenamics, Católica, and Planetiers celebrated a Cooperation Protocol

Fibrenamics, Católica, and Planetiers celebrated a Cooperation Protocol

The Fibrenamics Institute, the Portuguese Catholic University-Porto, and Planetiers New Generation have signed a Collaboration Protocol, with the aim of promoting knowledge, innovation, and sustainable entrepreneurship.

The INSURE.Hub, which was created by the Catholic University in Porto, through its faculties - Católica Porto Business School and School of Biotechnology - and by Planetiers New Generation, aims to promote and implement innovation and management processes from a circular perspective, with the goal of full sustainability (net-zero) and/or regeneration (positive pursuits), anticipating the future and adaptation to global environmental challenges.

"The collaboration protocol established with the Catholic University and Planetiers for the joint development of actions promoting innovation, training, and entrepreneurship in the field of sustainability is of significant importance to Fibrenamics, considering the complementary role of these entities in this domain and the alignment with Fibrenamics' own strategy," emphasized Raul Fangueiro, President of the Fibrenamics Institute.

"Involvement in INSURE.Hub activities, due to their interdisciplinary nature, will allow Fibrenamics to expand its network of partnerships and participate in important forums of discussion, strongly contributing to the development of more sustainable solutions for a better future for all," he added.

António Vasconcelos, Co-leader of Planetiers, explained, "Guimarães is a region that the Planetiers movement has been connected to since its inception about seven years ago. In the last 3-4 years, we have established INSURE.Hub, an ecosystem-based in Porto, with the Catholic University, where the articulation of major international systemic thinkers with academics, researchers, and companies began - including a cluster in Galicia".

In this regard, António Vasconcelos highlighted the need to "reconnect with Minho and Guimarães, which the Fibrenamics ecosystem plays ideally, with great complementarity of skills, geography, and associated companies".

At the signing of the Cooperation Protocol, Raul Fangueiro (President of the Fibrenamics Institute), Adelina Pinto (Vice-President of the Fibrenamics Institute), Isabel Braga da Cruz (President of the Catholic University in Porto), and António Vasconcelos (manager of Planetiers New Generation) were present.

A partnership that was witnessed by Gunter Pauli, the visionary founder of the Blue Economy, inspiring "great ambition for circularity, sustainability, and regeneration".

António Vasconcelos, Gunter Pauli, Adelina Pinto, Isabel Braga da Cruz e Raul Fangueiro

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