Fibrenamics has a new hub at Sanjotec

23 Jul 2015 News

Fibrenamics has a new hub at Sanjotec

Fibrenamics has a new hub at Sanjotec

Fibrenamics has a new hub at Sanjotec

Fibrenamics and Sanjotec signed yesterday, July 22, a cooperation protocol that officializes the connection between the two entities. The platform already has a physical space in the facilities of the São João da Madeira Business and Technological Center since May, but the symbolic moment of signing the protocol has only now occurred, as part of the workshop program that the two entities jointly promoted, in the facilities from Oliva Creative Factory.

Fibrenamics develops its activity through TecMinho - Association University-Company for Development, which is one of the oldest university structures for knowledge transfer in Portugal. On the eve of completing 25 years, TecMinho thus expands its range of action to São João da Madeira through Fibrenamics, which, in the words of its general director, Augusto Ferreira, is yet another proof of the excellent work of this platform that “It's a successful case study”. Augusto Ferreira also said that in the quarter century of TecMinho's existence “a lot has changed” and that nowadays “innovation is being placed at the center of activity of companies” and, therefore, this interface of UM has “multiplied from the number of collaborations with companies in an extraordinary way ”. About this new partnership, he was optimistic, stating that “Sanjotec is a very dynamic structure”, being convinced that this will be “a happy partnership”.

Ricardo Oliveira Figueiredo, Mayor of São João da Madeira and Mayor of Sanjotec, said that this “is a very important synergy” where Fibrenamics will take advantage of the companies' sensorial network, while they will “drink knowledge” platform, making it a “happy partnership”. The mayor and businessman firmly affirmed that “in São João da Madeira the bases for a new economy based on knowledge are created” and that he is therefore sure that Fibrenamics' decision to have a pole there “was correct and will be profitable for all ”, he concluded.

After the protocol ceremony, the workshop “From Knowledge to the Market - Fashion” took place, which brought together more than fifty people who witnessed the successful start of collaboration between the two institutions.


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