Fibrenamics launches new Digital R&D Platform

07 Apr 2020 News

Fibrenamics launches new Digital R&D Platform

Fibrenamics launches new Digital R&D Platform

Fibrenamics launches new Digital R&D Platform

International Platform of the University of Minho distinguished by the European Commission as an example to follow in promoting cooperation between universities and companies

Fibrenamics, the international platform of the University of Minho, has just launched a new Digital Platform that aims to bring the business community closer and to disseminate scientific and technological knowledge, as well as to reinforce and consolidate at international level the work developed by this research group applied to the world of fibers.

This latest version of the Fibrenamics platform presents a set of new tools that aim to disseminate scientific knowledge about fibrous materials and their numerous applications. With more technical content, such as intelligence reports, eBooks, articles and webinars, this new platform also has a private access area with forums for networking and sharing experiences with experts, the possibility of exchanging messages between registered members and access to a Technology Trend Mapping tool.

“The generation, valorization and transfer of knowledge is at the origin of Fibrenamics, it is based on these three premises that we develop our daily work. That is why we are betting on this new platform with the publication of more content and advanced training actions, such as conferences and workshops, which aim to value and respond to the R&D needs of our partners, while contributing to the qualitative and quantitative increase of the scientific knowledge regarding the extraordinary world of fibers ”, says Raul Fangueiro, Fibrenamics Coordinator.

With the mission of being a common denominator for innovation and multisectoral cooperation, contributing to socio-economic development and business competitiveness, in a sustainable way, the Fibrenamics platform also has a project management area for companies with which they are developing products together so that they can follow the process.

Fibrenamics currently has over 1500 members from countries such as Portugal, Brazil, India, Italy or the Netherlands, and works daily with around 300 companies worldwide to develop innovative products. All the activities and work carried out with regard to the transfer of knowledge and technology to the business community and the promotion of cooperation between companies and universities, led the European Commission to distinguish the International Fibrenamics Platform as a case study and a model to be followed European level.

New Fibrenamics platform available at: https://www.fibrenamics.com/en


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