Fibrenamics registered 8 patents in 2015

29 Mar 2016 News

Fibrenamics registered 8 patents in 2015

Fibrenamics registered 8 patents in 2015

Last year, Fibrenamics set a new record for the number of patent applications: 8, in total.

The number of orders is directly related to the number of projects with Fibrenamics partner companies, and the timing in which this request is made comes from their end dates. For this reason, 2015 was a year in which the international platform of the University of Minho was involved in 7 national patent applications, and one international patent application.

The partner companies with which national patent applications were made were: ERT (two applications), LMA, AFF, LASA, IDEPA and Barcelcom. The latter was also the partner company with which Fibrenamics submitted an international patent application, the great advantage of which, as described on the website of the National Intellectual Property Institute (INPI), “protects the invention in any of the countries contracting the Treaty Patent Cooperation ”, which, according to the same source, are 148.


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