From UMinho to the world: Fibrenamics presents innovative R&D products

22 Nov 2019 News

From UMinho to the world: Fibrenamics presents innovative R&D products

From UMinho to the world: Fibrenamics presents innovative R&D products

From UMinho to the world: Fibrenamics presents innovative R&D products

• International platform of the University of Minho presents results of the ‘Fibrenamics 4.0’ project, co-financed by Portugal 2020; • Event also brings together experts to debate “Industry 2030: Opportunities in the North”; • Altice Fórum Braga will be the stage of the event that takes place on November 26, between 9 am and 12.30 pm.

On November 26, Fibrenamics, the international platform of the University of Minho, will hold an event with the public presentation of its new digital platform and the results achieved by the group in the project 'Fibrenamics 4.0', co-financed by Portugal 2020. The exhibition will take place at Altice Fórum Braga and also has a debate on the theme “Industry 2030: Opportunities in the North”.

In an event that intends to mark the launch of the new Fibrenamics Digital Platform, a space for networking and knowledge sharing among specialists, where new technological tools and a greater number of technical content will be available, such as intelligence reports, eBooks, technical articles and webinars, the main highlight is the first public presentation of more than 20 innovative products developed by this team from the University of Minho.

Among the elements on display are, for example, products for individual protection created for the Ministry of Defense and that are already on the ground with the Portuguese contingent in Afghanistan, or the electrostimulation socks developed from tubular compression meshes, a winning product of the NOS Innovation award and that were used by the National Football Team in the last World Championship.

Among the novelties presented there are also innovative products for the area of ​​food and health, namely: biopolymeric membranes reinforced with natural nanomaterials for use in food packaging that uses biodegradable materials, thus avoiding excessive consumption of non-recyclable plastics; and natural nanofiber membranes for the treatment of wounds and burns, with antibacterial and antifungal properties capable of protecting and regenerating the injured skin and at the same time preventing bacterial and fungal attack.

This presentation will have guided tours for the participants along the various exhibition islands where these demonstration models are located.

In addition to the presentation of these R&D products, this is an initiative that also brings together specialists and entrepreneurs from various sectors of activity, in a debate about the future of the national industry, the opportunities for innovation and attracting investments for Portugal 2030.


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