University of Minho promotes workshop on Advanced Materials for Defense

07 Nov 2016 News

University of Minho promotes workshop on Advanced Materials for Defense

University of Minho promotes workshop on Advanced Materials for Defense

The consortium of the AuxDefense project will organize next Wednesday, November 9, the workshop "AuxDefense - Advanced Materials for Defense". The event will take place at Paço dos Duques, in Guimarães, and will start at 2:30 pm.

Along with the presentation of the project, the workshop will count on the participation of Critical Materials S.A., which will make a presentation on “Materials of the Future”, and the IDD Platform, which will make known the existing opportunities in the defense sector.

AuxDefense is a project financed by the Ministry of National Defense that aims to develop advanced personal protective equipment with high impact resistance, cut and drill and components of military equipment (composites) with excellent impact resistance.

AuxDefense is expected to create innovative products, including ballistic vests and helmets and combat uniforms, including knee and elbow pads, using structures with auxetic behavior.

The knowledge generated in the scope of the research inherent to the development of these products will be made known through an International Platform for Advanced Materials for Defense. In addition, it can be used by the consortium entities, post-project, in different sectors where the needs of energy absorption and resistance to impact, cutting and drilling, assume a predominant role, bringing an economic valuation of the financing allocated to the project.

The project proponent is TecMinho - Interface of the University of Minho, through the International Fibrenamics Platform. This entity of the National Scientific and Technological System was joined by two military entities - the Portuguese Army and the Portuguese Air Force - and several business entities: LMA, Latino Group, Fibrauto, Sciencentris and IDT Consulting. The consortium is complete with two international teaching and research institutions, namely Hong Kong Polytechnic University and British Plymouth University.


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