01 Nov 2017 - 31 Oct 2019 Technology


Development of fibrous stimulus-responsive systems.

The sports products market is constantly shifting, and its consumers are increasingly aware of their needs, and informed about what technology can offer them. Thus, it is important for the industry to find technologically advanced solutions, which meet the trends and mentalities of this increasingly demanding consumer.

It was in this context that TINTEX in partnership with Fibrenamics developed a line of textile products for sports, using nanotechnology as a means of developing stimulus-responsive fibrous systems, that is, systems that are active and adaptable to the conditions of the environment in which they are involved.
An innovative project at a technical-scientific level that has enabled advances in knowledge about incorporation techniques and in the stimulus-responsive characteristics allocated to fiber-based materials. Promising results were also obtained in terms of the study of fibrous structures with advanced, adaptable, dynamic and autonomous architectures.

A challenging project also on a commercial level with the functionalities now integrated to present innovative and adaptive characteristics depending on the environment and human thermophysiological behavior, limiting its performance in specific situations.
The ‘TêxteisResponsivos’ project is based on the development of a group of fibrous stimulus-responsive structures, with a view to maximizing the performance of the resulting products and obtaining physical and chemical responses to predefined stimuli. Dynamic breathability, waterproofing and thermoregulation as well as dynamic color change are some of the advantages associated with this new range of textiles with application in the sectors of SporTech, HomeTech and ClothTech.

The project TêxteisResponsivos - Development of fibrous stimulus-responsive systems was co-financed by the Compete 2020 program within the scope of the Incentive System for R&D



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