06 Jun 2022 - 31 Dec 2025 Technology


Creation of a Factory of the Future model, based on actions capable of contributing to the four pillars of the Recovery and Resilience Plan: digital transition; ecological transition; smart, sustainable and inclusive growth; economic resilience.

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The Drivolution Agenda aims to promote the creation of a Factory of the Future model, based on actions capable of responding to the challenges underlying the energy transition and digital transformation in the automotive sector, allowing to create of the foundations for smart, sustainable, inclusive, and resilient growth.

To create the desired factory model, this Agenda was designed based on 5 fundamental lines of action:

  • Digitalization,
  • Industry 5.0,
  • Safety and Ergonomics,
  • Materials,
  • Specialized and digital training.

Thus, the 20 sub-projects that make up this Agenda arise to achieve innovation in each line of action, promoting the creation of new processes and products that will have a relevant impact on the national economy.

For the development of the intended advances, this Agenda integrates a total of 40 entities, 20 companies and 20 entities from the national scientific and technological system, with knowledge and experience in the automotive sector.

Specific goals

Valorization of textile, foam, and plastic waste in value-added products, namely: raw material, filaments, fibrous structures, and composites.

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