01 Jan 2020 - 31 Dec 2022 Technology


Development of casein fiber from non-food milk produced in the Azores region

From the desire to give life to this non-food milk, the MilkFibre project arises for the development of casein fiber that can be applied in the textile, food or health sector.

The present project aims to create a Research and Development (R&D) Nucleus, whose main objective will be to carry out various research and development activities that allow obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary for the development of casein fiber, from non-food milk produced in the Azores region. It is intended that the results obtained may be able to trigger the use of fibers obtained in different fields of different applications, such as: textile, food, health, among others.

The project explores the separation of casein protein from milk, analyzing processes, methodologies, technologies and associated materials for the production of fibers from the obtained protein. This production will be studied at the macro and nano level and the functionalization of the obtained fibers (macro and nanofibers) will be analyzed, in order to give additional properties to them, such as topographic roughness, antibacterial action, among others, thus allowing the increase of the range of possible applications of the materials obtained.
Taking advantage of the knowledge and synergies created, it is also the intention of the project to generate opportunities for subsequent satellite projects, having as potential partners regional or national actors that show interest in the topic of milk fiber.

The MilkFibre project (ACORES-01-0247-FEDER-000024) is promoted by INOVA, Institute of Technological Innovation of the Azores and CIMPA (Center for Innovation in Advanced Materials and Products, Lda.) 

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