01 Jan 2016 - 31 Dec 2017 Technology


Development of a new generation of customized terry fabric structures.

This R&D project, promoted by Mundotêxtil SA in partnership with Fibrenamics – University of Minho, has as main objective the acquisition of technical and scientific knowledge that allows the development of advanced terry fabrics, based on an innovative concept, for specific market areas, such as hospitality, spas and sports.

The terry fabrics to be developed will be based on a completely innovative fibrous structure, when compared to those existing on the market, since they will integrate functional fibrous materials, strategically arranged, to enhance the performance in terms of moisture absorption and release, elimination odors, hydration and touch.
Thus, each of the yarn systems used (base warp, ring warp and weft) will be studied individually in terms of materials and dimensional properties, to guarantee the desired innovation for each of the areas indicated.
Preliminary studies carried out in previous R&D projects demonstrated the concept's validity in obtaining terry fabrics with functional performance well above those conventionally produced and commercialized today.

It is intended with this project, and based on the first results, to enhance all the knowledge that allows to prove the added value of this concept and apply it in the development of advanced terry fabrics customized for different market segments.

The project “TERRY_Advance - Development of a new generation of customized terry fabric structures”, promoted by the company Mundotêxtil S.A. (Portugal), is co-financed by Portugal 2020 and coordinated by TecMinho.



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